Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire

God has a second gift for you. It is called the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

It is God’s will – it is His commandment – that we be baptized, or filled with the Holy Spirit: “Be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). The knowledge and reality of the empowering Spirit enables us to reproduce the works of Jesus.

God says in Luke 3:16 that Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit and Fire.

When the baptism happen, you get a new heavenly language called tongues

Here are some of the benefits of praying in tongues:

  • Tongues is praying out God’s plan for your life
  • Tongues is a direct line to talking to God.
  • Tongues is drawing secrets to life’s complicated issues.
  • Tongues is knowledge, counsel, and secrets withheld from the wicked.
  • Tongues keeps you spiritually fit.
  • Tongues pulls you from the past into the future.
  • Tongues builds and stimulates your faith.
  • gives you unstoppable progress that your enemies cannot deny.
  • Tongues lines you up with the divine will of God.


“Heavenly Father, at this moment I come to You. I thank You that Jesus saved me. I pray that the Holy Spirit might come upon me. Lord Jesus, baptize me now in the Holy Spirit and Fire. I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit right now by faith in Your Word with the evidence of speaking in tongues. May the anointing, the glory, and the power of God come upon me and into my life right now. May I be empowered for service from this day forward. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for baptizing me in Your Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire

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